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    Fiona Hudson-Kelly

    Fiona Hudson-Kelly is one of Britain’s most successful female technology entrepreneurs. She has built and sold several technology companies and knows exactly what it takes to transform an idea into a profitable, successful business. Fiona continues to bring her technology ideas to market whilst investing and supporting other founders to scale their companies.

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    Jakub Michalewski

    Experienced technical expert and leader with over 20 years of experience in software development, data analytics and DevOps. Responsible for implementing large, disturbed transactional systems and building business intelligence solutions for SMEs and large public sector clients.

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    Dawid Karbowniczek

    I worked as an engineer in a big company's production department for many years. But life is changing, and even though I was 30, I managed to switch industries. Now working as a frontend developer, I create fancy and innovative UIs with all the logic behind them in various applications. I learn every day, so I'm always fascinated by what the next day brings me!

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    Paweł Szram

    More than 5 five years of experience in web technologies. Lover of sports activities in free time, especially triathlon disciplines.

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    Grzegorz Tobiasz

    I'm a software developer. I'm a graduate of computer science at the Opole University of Technology. My interests are volleyball and hiking.

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    Mateusz Janecki

    Experienced backend developer focused on delivering high-quality software. Passionate about travel and self-improvement in areas such as software architecture & development using best practices with various tools, mostly related to .NET world.

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    Sebastian Bereś

    UI/UX designer with over twenty years experience in mid and large companies. Front-end developer specialized in React and NextJs with four years of experience in apps and website development.

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    Lewis Kemp

    CEO of Lightbulb Media - a creative agency specialising in social media marketing and paid advertising for ambitious brands looking to scale online. We partner with FHK to help their partners validate ideas at pace, providing insights & analytics for investment decks and internal growth plans.