Case Study

What’s Yours is Mine


Preowned clothing is one of the best ways for the fashion industry to work towards circular economy goals and to reduce their damaging impact on the environment. Fast fashion - affordable, disposable and trend focused clothing fills our wardrobes and landfills. Not to mention the emissions generated by the industry.

Whilst preowned is taking off is the market focused on quantity over quality? What’s yours is mine, aka Wyim, is focused on bringing sustainability to clothing from luxury high-street brands. Driven by the idea that established businesswomen may not be opting for preowned or contributing to the circular fashion economy as effectively or accessibly as they could.

Wyim was setup to enables style-conscious women, only purchasing specific high-end high-street brands the opportunity to change and share their wardrobes.


The platform has been designed with two key functionalities:

  • 1

    Shopping preowned high-end luxury fashion from a niche set of brands. The Wyim shop makes shopping easy, it offers a sense of familiarity to the online shopping experience we’re all used to

  • 2

    Selling couldn’t be easier - you simply create your account, enter details about the clothing you’d like to sell to Wyim and we’ll provide a price you can sell it to us for. If you’re happy to sell, we’ll then send you a shipping bag so you can post it to us, your garment will then undergo quality checks. Once your sales complete, we’ll send you payment

The site also houses search functionality, lifestyle content, more information about the brand story and a way to contact the team.

How does an MVP work?


  • 1x Project manager
  • 1x DevOps
  • 2x Backend Developer
  • 3x Front End Developer


3 - 6 months - MVP plus ongoing development

Tech stack

  • .Net


  • Azure


  • Typescript


  • React


  • Cosmos DB

    Cosmos DB