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Not a CV


Traditionally, as a job seeker you are required to write a CV and submit copies as you apply for new roles. The time it takes to update or tailor your CV to match each role might not be worth the effort.

As some digital recruitment technologies scan for keywords, you may be filtered out before you get a chance to interview or what’s written on your CV may misrepresent your experience, especially if the role is looking for specific skills - as the technology is focused on whether or not the exact words feature on your CV.

Is the recruitment process broken? There are a number of risks.

First, space is of high real estate in a 2-page CV, making it hard to cram in every word or phrase required to match every job in your target sector. Second, do the words on a page equate to real experience or competence? And third, when businesses are looking to build their teams, is there a thorough skills match or is there bias when we’re presented with information about a person?

Does the way a person looks, their race, age, gender, or social mobility influence hiring decisions?


Not a CV was designed to change recruitment for the better.

The brand boasts both a website platform and a candidate focused app. Employers create job openings and set up personality profiles, designed to fill skills gaps in their team, aligned to that specific role or to understand candidate fit with company culture - allowing them to assess what type of person each candidate is.

Candidates create their account via the app and complete the personality test. From there job openings are matched to their results. To showcase their skills, candidates can create a modern version of their CV via the experience timeline, where examples of their work can be uploaded along with details of their qualification and work history.

By matching roles based on a combination of initially personality match, candidate and employer alike can decide to move forward on their matches if they can see clear synergies.

The Not a CV platform has been designed to take the pain out of the process. For employers it eliminates the task of shifting through 1000s of CVs, and for candidates it gives them a way to be selected on fit - removing a whole range of cognitive biases.

How does an MVP work?


  • 1x Project manager
  • 1x DevOps
  • 2x Backend Developer
  • 3x Front End Developer


1 - 2 years - complex MVP plus ongoing development

Tech stack

  • .Net


  • Azure


  • Typescript


  • React


  • Angular


  • MS SQL

    MS SQL

  • Cosmos DB

    Cosmos DB

  • NextJS