Case Study

Hire My Desk


A new business can be created from any location. Often finding a place to work is not a problem, until you start to grow.

The costs involved with owning or renting office spaces can be astronomical and there are lots of expensive options out there to choose from.

Following the pandemic working remote or hybrid schedules has become the norm. Working from home has its benefits, in terms of productivity and focus, but what about the office buzz and social connection we’re missing out on?

Hire My Desk was born to bridge the gap between someone starting out on their entrepreneurial or business start-up journey, as a way to provide cost-effective and sustainable office working spaces which many owners no longer use to their full capacity.


Owners of office spaces, or those tied into long term leases, have the opportunity to reclaim revenues being lost as they pay for vacant spaces, due to their teams working less days in the office than they used to.

The platform allows Hosts to list empty desk spaces, hiring them out to Guests at a fraction of the cost it would cost the freelancer or start-up to secure their own dedicated offices.

Hosts generate revenue, freeing up cash to spend on other business needs.

How does an MVP work?


  • 1x Project manager
  • 1x DevOps
  • 2x Backend Developer
  • 3x Front End Developer


3 - 6 months - MVP plus ongoing development

Steps taken

  • 1

    Hypothesis testing

    Is there demand? Landing page create

  • 2

    Is there traction?

    Marketing strategies developed to drive traffic and host sign ups.

    Develop functionality for Hosts to create accounts and desk listings.

    Can guests search, find, book, and pay for spaces?

  • 3


    Do the traction strategies show there is sufficient demand in the market?

    Have the Host listings or Guest booking quotas been met?

Tech stack

  • .Net


  • Azure


  • Typescript


  • React


  • Cosmos DB

    Cosmos DB